Prestressed Concrete


The prestressing is a technology that provides the most concrete tensile strength and is quite interesting to structures where bending stresses are high. It’s a smart technology, effective and durable, able to offer structural solutions with excellent cost-benefit ratios. The prestressed process results in structures with little or no need for maintenance over its lifetime, and allows other features such as:

  • Large  spans
  • Control and reduction  of deformation and cracking
  • Possibility of use in harsh  environments
  • Daring architectural  projects
  • Application to prefabricated pieces
  • Recovery and strengthening of structures
  • Plates more slender than the equivalent in concrete: it can reduce both the total height of a building, such as your weight and, consequently, the loading of foundations.

The advantages of the technology are diverse and justify its use worldwide to perform conventional and daring architectural projects in works of small, medium and large scale.



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Technical Publications

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Guidelines for Prestressing Works    Sizing Niche Prestressing